Twitch WP Documentation

Thank you for using TwitchWP (Shortcodes & Embed Tools). The documentation below will show you how to get your install up and running.

Step 1: Upload & Install TwitchWP Plugin

Installing a wordpress plugin is very straighhtforward. Just go to your wp-admin section, and click plugins, then add new. After that, click the upload link, and upload the file, and click "install now".

Step 2: Activate TwitchWP Plugin

Once installed it will prompt you to activate the plugin. Make sure it's activated by checking in the plugins list.

Step 3: Create a Twitch Client ID

  1. Login to Twitch and go to your connections settings page:
  2. Fill out the form, using your domain name, and set the type as "Website Integration".
  3. Click "Register" once done, and copy the client ID that they give you.
  4. Paste your client ID into the client ID field in the plugin settings area on your website.

Step 4: That's It! Now Just Add Shortcodes to your Pages

Shortcode guides can be found by the "TwitchWP" tab on your menu. You can als get them by visiting the shortcode documentation in this guide you're reading now!

Shortcode Reference

Online / Offline & Stream Status

This shortcode shows whether or not your stream is online/offline. It also shows stream data, what you're playing, and your Twitch logo.

[twitch-status channel="your_username"]

Show & Embed Channel (Video + Chat)

This shortcode seamlessly embeds your channel into a page or post. It can also be used to show *only* chat, or *only* video.

To feature a user, and show their stream:

[twitch-channel channel="some_username"]

To only show a user's stream with no chat:

[twitch-channel channel="some_username" chat="hide"]

To only show a user's chat with no video:

[twitch-channel channel="some_username" video="hide"]

Full Stream Site (Game Listing, All Videos, All Streams, All Profiles)

This shortcode turns the page you put it on into an all-inclusive stream listing. Your users can browse games, browse users under that game, and chat and view any user just like they would on Twitch.


List All Streams For a Game

Streams list will show a formatted list of all streams under a certain game that are currently being streamed, allowing users to click into a stream and watch it.

[twitch-streams-list game="RuneScape" count="20" paginate="false"]


game: The game that you want to list streams for
count: How many streams to show on a page
paginate: (true/false) Whether or not you want to allow the user to go to go to "next page" of streams

Feature a Game, or a User