TwitchWP Pro is a Wordpress plugin that seamlessly Integrates into your WordPress website or blog. This professional plugin includes short codes for full stream sites, online status, stream listings based on games, chat embed and full profile, featured streams and much more. It allows you to create your own video game stream sites using the Twitch API using a proven Twitch API PHP script. No crazy code knowledge required!

Website Features

  • Quick and Easy WordPress Installation
  • Create your own fully functional stream site using one simple shortcode
  • Include game listing with cover artwork
  • List all streams by game
  • Easily Embed Chat & Video

Streamer Features

  • Show your Twitch Online/Offline status on your website
  • Embed your stream on your website using a shortcode
  • Embed your chat on your website using a shortcode
  • Feature streamers and friends that you partner with

Additional Features

  • Customize with CSS through the plugin interface
  • Multiple Embed Options
  • Cache streams for quick rendering
  • Updated with most recent Twitch API key requirements
  • Edit and Update your Twitch Client ID inside plugin

Recent Reviews

Over 500 sites now use the TwitchWP Pro software to engage their streamer audience, and to run their own stream site. Here are what some of them are saying.

"Favorite feature is Customizability. Very good addon with shortcodes you can put where you want to show twitch streams. You can divide with game categories and much more."

Reviewed on CodeCanyon, by quiki

"Code quality is excellent. It only too me 2-3 shortcodes to have a fully working stream site going. We use it for our entire streams section, and we are making great money off of ads."

Reviewed by GameBeyond.com

"Feature availability is the best thing about this plugin. 100% Satisfaction!"

Reviewed on CodeCanyon, by slawek

"Superior code quality. Does exactly what it should."

Reviewed on CodeCanyon, by BroScottcho

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